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2006 Papers


Adirondack Rustic Architecture and Regional Watercraft:
Case Studies of Artifact Use at the Adirondack Museum
Doreen L. Alessi

The Stradivarius and the DC-3
R. L. Barclay

Instrument and Document: Balancing Values in the Conservation of Musical Instruments
John Watson

The Practical Application of Dendrochronology to Furniture:
The Case of the J. Paul Getty Museum’s Renaissance Burgundian Cabinet
Arlen Heginbotham & Didier Pousset

Museum Objects and Private Collections:
Conserving an 1870s Frullini Armchair for Use
Christopher M. Swan

The Restoration of the Schooner Yacht Coronet:
The Balance between Historic Preservation and Future Use
Susan Daly

Adhesion Problems and Degradation of Epoxy Finishes on PEG-Treated Wood
Steven L. Pine

The Deinstallation of a Period Room: What Goes in to Taking One Out
Gordon Hanlon & Melissa H. Carr

A Description of 19th-century American Gilded Picture Frames and an
Outline of Their Modern Use and Conservation
Hugh Glover

Mid-Century Frank Lloyd Wright: Preserving the Price Tower and
Gordon House Interiors
Pamela Kirschner