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1992 Papers

The Condition of the World’s Tropical Forests, and Its Impact on Furniture Conservation
Alton Bowman

Photographic Reproductions Used to Replace Decorative Veneer Losses on a Small Sewing Box
Valerie Dorge

Treatment of The U. S. House of Representatives Mace: An Object in Use
Margaret A. Gleason, Lisa A. Kronthal, Harriet F. Beaubien, Carol A. Grissom and Donald C. Williams

Examination and Treatment of a German Gilded Console Table
Gordon Hanlon

Treatment of an Early 20th Century Road Coach: Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s “Venture”
Charles Jeffers Moore

Consolidant Distribution in Deteriorated Wood Treated With Soluble Resins
Arno P. Schniewind and Peter Y. Eastman

Johannes Spitler, a Virginia Furniture Decorator at the Turn of the 19th Century
Chris Shelton