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2002 Papers

Jean Dunand—A French Art Déco Artist Working with Asian Lacquer
Mechthild Baumeister

A Second Set of Experiments Using Hydrolyzable Polymers to Preserve Waterlogged Wood
C. Wayne Smith

Two Furnishings from Strawberry Hill: Exploration and Treatment
Hugh Glover

The History and Technology of Waveform Moldings: Reproducing
and Using Moxon’s “Waving Engine”
Jonathan Thornton

An Evaluation of Four Barrier Coating and Epoxy Combinations in
the Structural Repair of Wooden Objects
Lisa Ellis and Arlen Heginbotham

Spectroscopic Dating and Classification of Wood
Gottfried Matthaes

Uncovering history: Using Photoshop to Enhance Images for Research
Michael Smith

Bottoms Up! (Some solutions for supporting sprung seats in historic upholstered furniture)
Deborah Lee Trupin

Formulating Gesso Fills for Discrimination by X-radiography
Behrooz Salimnejad

A New Material for Producing Faux Tortoise-shell Fills
Thomas J. Braun

Another Method for Taking Cross-sections for Microscopic Finish Analysis
Melissa H. Carr

Evaluating Upholstery Layouts Using Digital Imaging
David deMuzio

Tips on Removeable Upholstery Caps & Backing Fretted Panels
Mark Harpainter