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2001 Papers

The History of the Rosedown Bed, a Gothic Tale
Alton Bowman

Wood Conservation in Cuba: Treatment of a Chinese Altar in La Habana Vieja
Elisabeth Cornu, Alejandro Yee, Raquel Carreras Rivery, Amaurys Mejias Torres and Laritza Alvarez

Retreating the Treaty Box: Dealing with Deteriorated Materials and Aged Acrylic Consolidant in an Historic Document Box
Leroy Graves, Heather Porter and F. Carey Howlett

Preserving Graycliff: An Examination of the Colors, Fabrics and Furniture of the Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Summer Residence of Isabelle Martin
Pamela Kirschner

What's Old Is New: B-72 and the Treatment of Degraded Furniture Finishes
Arlen Heginbotham

Furniture in France, May 2001
Various authors