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2005 Papers


A Seventeenth-century Parisian Ebony Cabinet Restored
by Herter Brothers
Mechthild Baumeister & Stéphanie Rabourdin-Auffret

Conservation of a Diminutive Ivory-Clad Drop-Front Secretary
from Vizigapatam, India
Kathy Z. Gillis

“There is a house that is no more a house.” Conservation of the
Painted Wall Paneling in Shelburne Museum’s Stencil House
Nancie Ravenel

Treatment Protocol for a 1929 Phantom I Wood Body
Rolls-Royce Automobile
Mark Anderson & Gregory Landrey

Traditions and Trends in Furniture Conservation
Antoine M. Wilmering

Formulating Gesso Fills with Bismuth Oxide for Discrimination
by X-radiography
Behrooz Salimnejad

A Regional Study in Early Nineteenth-century Cabinetmaking:
Charles Warner, Cabinetmaker, Poughkeepsie, New York
Tad Fallon

Rethinking Conservation Paradigms for the Preservation
of Waterlogged Wood
C. Wayne Smith