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1996 Papers

Southern Sofas
Leroy Graves & Joanna Ruth Harris

The Research and Treatment of a Late 18th-Century Lyre Guitar: A Collaborative Effort
David B. Blanchfield

The Use of a Combined Polarizing Light/Epi-fluorescence Microscope for Examination and Analysis of Painted and Coated Objects and Samples
James S. Martin

Laser Reproduction of Brass/Wood Inlay in Furniture by Charles Honoré Lannuier
Mark Minor

A Study of the Materials and Environment at Russel Wright’s Dragon Rock
Susan L. Buck

The Use of Aquazol-Based Gilding Preparations
Chris Shelton

Conservator, Curator, Craftsman: Collaborations at Colonial Williamsburg
Mark Kutney, Chris Swan, & F. Carey Howlett

Rescuing Dudley Carter’s Goddess of the Forest*
Arno P. Schniewind, Roger Baird, & Dale P. Kronkright

*from the 1994 meeting in Nashville, Tennessee