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1993 Papers

Three Case Studies in the Treatment of Painted Furniture
Susan L. Buck

A Conservation Perspective on the Wooden Carvings of the Pacific Northwest Coast
Melissa H. Carr

Progress in Project on the Feasibility of Using Modified Atmospheres for Museum Pest Eradication: An Overview
Brian Considine et al

The Conservation and Renovation of the First Parish Church Interior, Brunswick, Maine: a building designed by Richard Upjohn and built in 1845 Marylou Davis and Kate Bergquist

A Low-Tech Embedding Technique for Coating Samples
Clint Fountain and Chris Shelton

Dynamic System for Nitrogen Anoxia of Large Museum Objects: A Pest Eradication Study
Gordon Hanlon et al

Coating Veneer Technique
Philippe Lafargue

Fluorescence Microscopy
Gregory J. Landrey

The Feasibility of Using Modified Atmospheres to Control Insect Pests in Museums
Michael K. Rust et al